To a distant shore

Songbook XX

36 English Songs
written and composed by
P. Werner Hebeisen SJ

  1. You Have Seen Far-Off Countries
  2. Come All You Waves
  3. Chris
  4. Jesus And The Blind Man
  5. To Listen To The Lord
  6. Jesus Wants To Lead You To A Distant Shore
  7. Listen to The Message In Your Heart
  8. Dreaming
  9. You’ve Got Something To Sing
  10. To See The World That God Created
  11. You’ll Find God’s Love In Your Heart
  12. A Song For You
  13. Will You Dance A New Dance?
  14. Carry On!
  15. There Is A Song Of Songs
  16. Do You Know The Heart Of The King?
  17. The Naming Of Cats
  18. Rock Of My Soul
  19. There’s No One Who Walks The Earth
  20. Servant Of The Heart
  21. You Are In The Fire, Oh Lord
  22. There Is A Mountain Of Love
  23. Out Of The Darkness
  24. God Help Me Let Me See Your Day
  25. Jesus From Your Heart
  26. I Love You
  27. Maybe I Should Just Do What Moses Did
  28. And If You Are Quiet
  29. Angel Watching Over You
  30. I Lay My Life At Your Feet
  31. Holy Holy Holy
  32. Do You Believe?
  33. Follow Your Calling
  34. May He Put His Cloak Around You
  35. I Once Was Blind
  36. Free At Last