<span class="fancy-title">Unter dem Regenbogen</span><span class="fancy-title">Ignatiuskirche Linz</span><span class="fancy-title">Herzlich willkommen bei uns!</span><span class="fancy-title">An der Schoßharfe</span><span class="fancy-title">Wir Jesuiten arbeiten zusammen</span><span class="fancy-title">Faschingskonzert</span><span class="fancy-title">Musik unter’m Regenbogen</span><span class="fancy-title">Let’s play music!</span><span class="fancy-title">Fiddler on the roof</span><span class="fancy-title">Von Gottes Erde reich beschenkt</span><span class="fancy-title">Lobt Gott mit Harfen und Seitenspiel!</span><span class="fancy-title">Im Kreis der Jesuiten in Linz</span>

Do you hear the calling of the Lord

Songbook XXI

16 English songs

All english songs of the CDs 1 to 5 with one to four voices

P. Werner Hebeisen SJ

CD 1

  1. songbook_021I Sing Your Praises Ev’ry Day
  2. In the Morning Praise The Lord
  3. Lord, Let Me Be Your Servant
  4. You Walk With A Star In Your Heart
  5. Jesus, Take My Hand
  6. Keeps Me Going afar
  7. I Sing Your Praises Ev’ry Day
  8. In the Morning Praise The Lord
  9. Lord, Let Me Be Your Servant

CD 3

  1. Come, Little Butterfly
  2. Do You Hear The Calling Of The Lord?
  3. This Is Your Way

CD 4

  1. Holy Bread And Holy Wine
  2. Lord, I Pray
  3. When I Walk Barefoot on The Ground
  4. Let The Water Come In
  5. We’ve All Come Out Of The Water
  6. You’ve Carried Me Through The Night

CD 5

  1. Father See The Gifts We Bring
  2. Jesus, Take My Hand