<span class="fancy-title">Unter dem Regenbogen</span><span class="fancy-title">Ignatiuskirche Linz</span><span class="fancy-title">Herzlich willkommen bei uns!</span><span class="fancy-title">An der Schoßharfe</span><span class="fancy-title">Wir Jesuiten arbeiten zusammen</span><span class="fancy-title">Faschingskonzert</span><span class="fancy-title">Musik unter’m Regenbogen</span><span class="fancy-title">Let’s play music!</span><span class="fancy-title">Fiddler on the roof</span><span class="fancy-title">Von Gottes Erde reich beschenkt</span><span class="fancy-title">Lobt Gott mit Harfen und Seitenspiel!</span><span class="fancy-title">Im Kreis der Jesuiten in Linz</span>

What english speaking people can find on my website!

English section

On some of my CDs and in some Songbooks you find english songs.

Of course all the music you find under „Notenhefte“ (music manuscripts) is multilingual!

And also the videoclips on myYouTube channel „Bodenhofen“ you will enjoy as english speaker same as like the german speaking people!